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Zdenko Huzjan (1948)
For his most recent work exhibited at the Small Gallery

By the end of 1980s, Zdenko Huzjan had been refining his singular style, born out of the trauma of human existence, for almost two decades. With his then most recent paintings, named the »white paintings« by Slovenian critics, Huzjan finally made a step beyond his commitment to tradition and his teachers. His primordial beings – alive and dead at the same time, floating in the whiteness of the painting – are a perfect fusion of the artist’s expressive urgency and the objective possibilities of the painting matter. It is not the illusion of a form which is before us but the shapes which arise from what is primary and ontological in painting; from the stroke of the brush, from the grasp of the hand. Huzjan's images could be some of the most harrowing works of contemporary European painting. Transforming the canvas into an authentic work of art, such extraordinary perception of the world is a rare achievement in Slovenian painting.
Človek je glas, 1986
olje, platno; 95 x 116 cm

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