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Mirsad Begić (1953)
For his series »Keeping the Dream«

Begić's sculptural oeuvre has been a constant of the Slovenian visual arts for several decades. The complete mastery of the metier, his exceptional ethical and aesthetic sense for the substance and materiality forming his peculiar world of hereafter, his commitment and incredible faith in the artistic mission, all set Begić at the forefront of contemporary Slovenian sculpture. His series »Keeping the Dream« has been developed further with exhibitions at the gallery of the Association of the Slovenian Artists and at Kostanjevica church. However, his most recent organisation of works reveals a revised approach and set up of the sculpture in the room, which is formally desacralized but still allows the artist to establish a new level of holiness and religiousness in it. The Kostanjevica church exhibition elevated ten years of Begić’s experience. It is a breakthrough in spatial integrity where individual sculpture is not relevant. The focus is on both the artist and the cosmos, as well as on the entire history of art and civilisation. The allegory of a new and renewed life, the infinite evolution permeating the whole church, now overcome every Night, every Absence, the Underground World and drop in the void, every death.
Ohraniti sanje
terakota; 110 x 180 cm

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