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Ema Kugler (1955)
For her film »Le Grand Macabre« and the performance »Introitus«

Ema Kugler is an artist whose work demonstrates that a total work of art is the ultimate artistic expression. The tension between life and death in her works is enacted to an almost tangible presence. We sensually experience it at performances in gigantic, emptied, chilled industrial halls, factories, quarries or at screenings in pitch-black with sound and/or images that escape any kind of genre definitions. Experiencing her events leaves sensory impressions in us which keep appearing as images, as an apparition long after we have been able to remember the time and place when they entered us – in a sleeping dream or a daydream with our eyes wide open. Ema Kugler is a master of apparitions. Ema Kugler was given the Prešeren Fund Award for her two works dedicated to the late genius of the new classical music of the 20th century, György Ligeti: her film Le Grand Macabre and performance Introitus.

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