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Dragica Čadež (1940)
For her sculptural series »Associations of Pompeii«

Dragica Čadež established a reputation with her sculptures as early as in the 1960s. First, as a sensitive designer of stylised figurative motifs, and later, as the author of her personal version of new constructivism. In recent years, though, she has raised questions about the new interpretations of human and animal figures, avoiding crude transitions and being exceptionally sensitive to new trends in the Slovenian and worldwide visual arts. Her wooden statues, whether presented as powerful »images« of the anthropomorphic forms with elements of a puzzle or the compound animal’s figures, testify an exceptional sense of material and space design. She achieves artistic effects with minimal resources, making her inner strength the main quality of her sculpture. Her ambient sculptures are a shocking testimony of the time contradictions and the search taking place between the echoes of avant-gardism and the current Postmodern visual arts movements.
Asociacija na Pompeje, 1985
les; 108 x 90 x 117 cm

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